TMJ Treatments/TMD Treatments

Do you struggle with chronic headaches, neck aches, or migraines that just do not seem to go away, no matter what you have tried? In some cases, this pain is due to Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD.

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your lower jawbone to your skull. These joints get a lot of use throughout the day as you speak, chew, swallow, and yawn.

Symptoms of TMD

  • ear pain
  • pain in the jaw area
  • chronic headaches and neck aches
  • muscle spasms in the jaw area
  • popping or clicking noises when they chew, speak, or yawn
  • locked jaw or difficulty opening and closing the mouth

Should you notice any of these symptoms, talk to your general dentist today. He or she can help indicate the presence of TMD and can create an effective treatment for you.

TMD Treatments

Many TMD cases can be handled with lifestyle modifications:

  • relax your face (remember the rule: lip together, teeth apart)
  • avoid chewing gum
  • avoid grinding teeth
  • chew food evenly on both sides of your mouth
  • eat soft foods
  • practice good posture (keep head up, back straight and shoulders squared)
  • take non-aspirin pain relievers or use heat packs to manage pain

In more severe cases, the dentist may recommend physical therapy, appliance therapy (a splint, mouth guard) or medications (muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, stronger pain relievers)

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