Renton Denture Clinic

Our Renton denture clinic features the latest equipment to help our patients with a wide range of denture services. Dr. Bui strives to provide high quality and great looking personal dentures. While other dentists may focus on same day dentures, Dr. Bui’s goal is to make quality denture at a fair price.

Denture Services Provided:

  • Full dentures that looks like your natural teeth and gums
  • Natural looking partial dentures if you are missing some teeth to fill gaps in your smile while making talking and eating easier
  • Denture repairs and adjustments to keep your dentures working and fitting properly
  • Custom replacement dentures that ensures comfortable fit and natural appearance while enhancing your face and smile

Regain self-confidence in your life with the array of denture services from our Renton dental clinic. Call Dr. Bui today to schedule your appointment.

renton denture clinic

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