The Jimi Hendrix Memorial – Renton, Washington

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Jimi Hendrix Memorial - Auburn, WashingtonIf you are a Jimi Hendrix fan you’ll like it

The art work on this site it pretty cool like his song lyrics carved into the bottom I liked it so did my mom his parents and family members are buried around it as well we seen a few women actually sitting and crying, you will notice there are so many lipstick kisses on this thing in multiple colors like he’s still getting the ladies even in death.

Resting place with A LOT of love!

As soon as you enter you can see where Jimi’s site is. The massive beautiful memorial for him is breathtaking. The murals of Jimmy are all done insanely well and you can tell they get A LOT of love with brand new kisses added everyday. You can see on the pictures all the lip marks from all sorts of people.


The memorial is fitting for a person with this much impact on music culture. Purple petunias encircle the memorial. His parents and grandparents are also buried here. Lipstick kisses are on the stone engravings of Jimi. The guitar statue in the center has been gifted with a flag, guitar pics, a cigarette, and a blunt. They are placed at the top.

This is a must-see stop for Hendrix fans while visiting Seattle.

Jimmy Hendrix

A very beautiful tribute written on the walls of his memorial site. Picture of Jimmy Hendrix are in the wall with inscription. Flowers are around the grave site. And fresh flowers are around the inside the site. Located close to the street and you can drive and park right next to the grave site. Jimmy and his wife’s grave are in the front of the memorial site.

Just a cool thing to do, for free.

It is awesome, it is free!! Bring paper and a purple crayon to do a rubbing of the head stone. How cool is it to go and pay homage to a legend. I love you Jimi!

Was much cooler then anticipated

First, I was wowed by the three panels that support the cover. The imagery / artwork is well done. There are iconic images of him playing guitar, some of his writing, all in the marble sides. Each part commemorates him beautifully. On the sides with his image, there were lipstick prints if many fans, kissing his face… And I felt something, had goosebumps!

We went the day before Halloween, around dinner time. There were two women there, paying their respects, hanging out with his music playing. They were really nice, had brought flowers, asked if we wanted the music off (No!) they really added to the visit. I placed a rock, said The Mourners prayer for him and felt it was just right for that moment. May his memory be for a blessing, R.I.P. Jimmy

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